Korean Street Food – Egg Bread 계란 빵!

It’s time to check out some more Korean street food! Yum!

Egg Bread – 계란 빵 – is one of our FAVORITE street food items in Korea. It’s SO good! We found some near Pusan National University and ate it! The egg bread vendors seem to disappear during the warmer months, so we’re happy to see them return now that the weather is getting colder.

Egg Bread!

Egg bread is a lot like corn bread, but a bit sweeter – and there is an egg baked right into the middle! It might sound underwhelming, but it’s amazing. They bake them in little food stands or the backs of small trucks (like we found today) right on the side of the street. They are super cheap – less than $1.00 USD each! These little egg breads make fantastic quick snacks on a cold day, and are most excellent quick breakfast foods when you’re late to work in the morning!

Check out the video below to see these awesome snacks!

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