Time Lapse: Clouds over Busan

This is the second time lapse video of clouds that I’ve made. The last one was made in my hometown of Edgewood, New Mexico, in the USA. It came out really great and has been a hit on our youtube page. I wanted to try to make another here in Korea. This time, I used our new Sony RX100.

The clouds here aren’t nearly as impressive as they are back in semi-arid New Mexico, but we do get some cool formations coming down off the mountain. Check out the video below and leave a comment! Let us know what you think!

I really enjoy making time lapse videos, and I’ll try to make a few more. The RX100 unfortunately does not have native time lapse capability, nor does it have a remote port like our old E-PL2. So, we’re left with manual shutter presses or sped up video. I hope a firmware release – official or otherwise – adds some built in intervalometer functionality to the RX100!

If you’re interested in seeing some other time lapse videos I’ve made, you can check out a playlist of them here. I’m not the greatest, but I’ve improved a bit since my first attempts!

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