Walking around Busan Nat’l University at Night

Join us as we walk around Pusandae (often called PNU) in Busan, Korea!

Pusandae, commonly just referred to as PNU, is the area around Busan National University. Pusan is the older romanization of Busan – the names are interchangeable. So, you could call this little area PNU, Pusandae, Busandae, Busan National University, or Pusan National University.. and be correct every time. The Hangul is 부산대.

Most of the PNU area is brightly lit at night with countless neon signs and LED displays, all vying for the attention of the passing crowds. Even on a slow day, PNU seems busy.. not unlike the rest of urban South Korea. Of course, street food is abundant.

PNU by Night

PNU by Night

Street food in PNU

Sleeping Street Food Vendor in PNU

This is one of our favorite neighborhoods in Busan. There are lots of things to do and lots of great places to hang out. You can always find a great cafe or restaurant to spend time in. If you want to visit, just make you’re way to Busan National University Station on line 1 of Busan’s subway system. Try some Egg Bread while you’re there!

Check out the video below!

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