Korean Barbeque!

Let’s just start off by saying this: Korean Barbeque is amazing. The whole concept is fantastic. But there’s not just one kind of Korean Barbeque – there are probably more variations than you can count!

The basics of Korean Barbeque

Korean style barbeque is as much about the food itself as it is about the way it’s cooked and eaten. When you’re having Korean barbeque, you sit down at a table with a grill in the middle. Sometimes it’s a gas grill, sometimes it’s a charcoal grill. You order, and the meat you chose is brought to the table raw, along with a ton of side dishes and dressings, and the all important lettuce. The grill is fired up, and it’s up to you – the customer – to cook it right there in front of you, and then eat it! Really awesome, right?

Samgyeopsal and Dae Pae

Samgyeopsal is probably the most common kind of Korean barbeque, and maybe the most famous as well. SamGyeopSal basically means “three layers of fat/meat,” and it’s pork belly meat. It’s delicious. Think bacon. You can order samgyeopsal in chunks, large strips, or in tiny shaved rolls called Dae Pae. We recently got this Dae Pae barbeque, and the video of the experience is embedded below! In addition to samgyeopsal, you can get galbi, beef barbeque, and all manner of other things – even pork skin! The variety is pretty astounding.. and these restaurants are everywhere in Korea. They start opening up shop in the early evening, and large portions of every Korean town and city begin smelling like succulent, grilled meat.

Korean Barbeque - Empty Grill

Korean Barbeque – Empty Grill

As I said before, we recently made a video while we were eating at a Korean Barbeque place here in Yangsan. We tried to show what happens in one of these places, and how to eat Korean barbeque. Check it out below! If you have any questions or comments, post them here! And get some Korean BBQ if you can! Thanks for stopping by!