Evan’s Hagwon Tour

Hello again! It’s time for another video!

I (Evan) work at a rather large hagwon in our little city in South Korea. It’s a big, four story building with many large and small class rooms. There’s even a huge, nice apartment on top. The hagwon sits half way up Obongsan, so there are great views from the roof and the windows on the upper floors. It’s across from a public kindergarten, named 해바라기, where I also teach – but that’s a story for another post!

Hagwon in Korea

I decided to make this video and do a short tour of some of the classrooms in my hagwon to show you! In this video, I meander around the third floor and talk about the three different classrooms I use there. I teach both kindergarten and elementary in these particular rooms, with class sizes ranging from 2 to 10. It’s a great setup. In the video, I mistakenly say I’m on the second floor, but I was on the third! I would love to have done a more extensive video, but I filmed this on my short lunch break during one of the only moments during the day when there aren’t dozens of kids running around the hagwon being noisy!

Not all hagwons are like mine. Many are located in multipurpose office buildings rather than dedicated structures. Often times in Korea, a hagwon will take up a single floor of a city office building. Some hagwons are really nice, others are really shabby. I personally like my hagwon. Since it was built specifically to house a school, things tend to work very well. I have some issues with design choices related to classroom size, but for the most part all needs are met. It’s nice! In an office building hagwon, sometimes you have to just make due with what’s available, which might not be ideal.

Do you work at a hagwon or a private school some place other than Korea? What’s it like? Leave a us comment!