Follow Us Around: 부산대 (Busan University)

As most of you may know, we don’t actually live in Busan. We live in Yangsan, a city of about 300,000 just north of Busan that is connected to the city by subway. If we are hanging out in Busan, you’ll most likely find us in the Busan University area. When we lived in Seoul, we lived very close to 홍대, the very popular area surrounding Hongik University. Evan and I tend to gravitate to these university areas no matter where we are! The food is cheap and delicious, and there’s a young, fun energy surrounding the whole neighborhood. There are always fun events, random concerts, unique cafes, and interesting people.

PNU Free Market

There is a lot of content on Youtube about Korea, but most of the content creators are based in Seoul! One of the things we noticed when we first moved from Seoul to Yangsan is that there is so little content about Busan. It was such a big surprise to us because Busan is the 2nd largest city in Korea with 3.6 million people! Whenever our friends in Seoul come down to visit us, they have no idea where to go in Busan! The one place everyone knows in Busan is Haeundae beach, but the city has so much more to offer! (And Haeundae is overrated in our opinion).

View from Pusan National University

With that being said, we want to share more of this beautiful city with you! We want people to see what Busan has to offer, why everyone who lives here falls in love with it, and why Evan and I couldn’t imagine moving back to Seoul! 🙂 We’d also like to make it easier for people visiting Busan know where the best places are to shop, eat, get coffee, experience nightlife, and lay on the beach.

Exploring PNU campus

Busan University is in North Busan, near the end of Line 1. The stop’s name is Pusan National University(PNU), but it’s commonly referred to as “PNU” or 부대 in Korean. It can get confusing because we sometimes spell it with a “B” (like in the title), or we say it in Korean, or we use the acronym PNU. Just know that it’s all the same place! >.< If you'd like to know more about PNU or have suggestions for places for us to explore in future videos, please leave us a comment!