Oct 09

Say What?! Episode 8: Koreans Don’t Apologize?

This week’s episode of Say What?! Wednesday is related to the last episode about personal space. Last week we talked about personal bubbles, but what happens when that personal bubble is violated? In America, it feels like if people come within two arms length of you they apologize for possibly being in your way. That’s one thing I noticed when I visited America last time, and I was always looking around for someone else they could be apologizing to because it seemed overboard to be apologizing to me!

We’ve been living in Korea for over 3 years, and this is just one of the examples of how much Korea has changed us! Apologies are not given out often or casually here, especially when it comes to violating your personal bubble. Koreans’ personal bubbles are much smaller, simply because of the size of Korea and its population density.

In this video I talk about what expectations to have in regards to receiving apologies from Koreans, and how to manage those expectations. Remember, this isn’t your home country. Adjust and laugh it off! :)


  1. Mark

    Thanks for this important information. I live in Taiwan, and I have considered moving to another country. People in Taiwan go out of their way to help, but they nod their heads. Most adults and foreigners alike know how to say sorry. So this is great information.

  2. Rachel

    Happy to help! :)

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