Most Used Teaching Websites for ESL

We will be posting our Monday video a little bit late today, so instead I’ve decided to share some teaching resources with you! If you have anything you think I should add, or if you have any questions about these resources, feel free to ask in the comments! 🙂

I teach Kindergarten and 3rd – 6th grade at a public elementary school. There are about 5 or 6 textbooks in circulation currently in Korea, and my school uses the books from YBM and YBM Si-sa.

However, in order to make your lessons complete you’ll need to supplement the textbook with your own materials. I’ve compiled a list of websites that I use the most while I’m doing my lesson plans throughout the week. I’ve separated the sites by level, and given a short description of what kind of materials it includes.


1.) – lesson ideas, ppts, basically the bible for public school teachers
2.) – huge resource for worksheets, supplemental workbooks, activity ideas, all holidays, all subjects
3.) Adam Thomas Photography – videos that go along with the public school textbooks
4.) Barry Fun English – custom worksheets, classroom tools (random student selector, scoreboard), games
5.) – Korean resource for lesson plans for open class or camps
6.) Prezi – a great alternative to powerpoint, and all files kept online, making moving classrooms to teach a lot more convenient.

Kindergarten / Low level / TPR

7.) Super Simple Learning – sample lessons, songs, flashcards – They have great videos on their Youtube channel
8.) Dream English – songs, flashcards, warmups(TPR) and their Youtube channel I use for every Kindergarten class!
9.) Starfall – ABCs, phonics, reading, worksheets, minibooks
10.) Kiz Club – printables, paper crafts, story props/activities, nursery rhymes
11.) ESL Kids – flashcards, custom board games

Adult / High level

12.) Breaking News English – lesson plans/materials based on current events, english news
13.) Slow Easy English – Learning English in English, slow English news videos, idioms and expressions
14.) TED Talks – Inspiring or educational videos about various topics, includes Korean subtitles, great for discussion groups or conversation classes